Ministries of Grace Community


    The mission of Men of Grace is to encourage men to live godly lives, set apart from the world! We encourage each man of grace to make a commitment to a healthy mindset as he walks with integrity of heart. We also encourage each man of grace, as brothers in Christ, to make purity of character a number one priority in his life.

    Each man of grace is also encouraged to have a willingness to constantly allow the Spirit of God to make him sensitive to matters that make a difference to God. Most importantly, we encourage each man of grace to have intimate fellowship with God, thus continually increasing because the man of grace has sought the heart of God.


    It is our goal in the Women of Grace Ministry to encourage women to spend time with the Lord daily – through prayer and the study of God’s holy Word.  We also hope that each woman of grace will be active in their Christian faith and share the Gospel with all they encounter.

    The Women of Grace meets several times throughout the year for fellowship outings and activities, and hosts mission events.

  • Children & Junior Teens of grace (C.O.G. & J.T.O.G.)

    The Children of Grace and Junior Teens of Grace Ministry is designed to bring up children in the way of the Lord – we strive to foster an environment where our children of grace and junior teens of grace can understand what it means (and how to become) a true child of God and grow in the fear and admonition of the Lord – all while having fun learning about Jesus and how to share His love wherever they go.  The Children of Grace and Junior Teens of Grace's Sunday morning Bible study (Church School) gives the children the opportunity to learn about God through teacher-led Bible reading and discussions.  

    The Children of Grace and Junior Teens of Grace have various mission / outreach events during the year

    • designing and sending letters to the U. S. Military deployed overseas
    • local nursing home visitation

  • TEENS OF GRACE (T.o.g.)

    Our Teen of Grace Ministry encourages our teens through God's Word that they have value in the Lord and that He has a plan for their future.

    Teen of grace discussion topics include

    • How to Study Your Bible
    • How to Pray

    • Accountability
    • Effective Communication
    • Time Management


    The greeters and ushers provide friendly, cheerful service to all those who pass through his or her "post", and maintain order in his or her section according to church policies and guidance of the Elders. The greeters and ushers encourages others to feel welcomed and assists where needed in the Worship Service.


    Our Praise & Worship Ministry consists of our Praise Team.  The purpose of the Grace Community Church (G.C.C.) Worship Ministry is to worship God in spirit and truth. We are not here to just sing, nor simply perform”, but to worship through music and song. We are here to be Spirit-led and to help usher the members of G.C.C. into worship. 


    The purpose of Grace Institute of Biblical Studies (G.I.B.S.) is two-fold: first and foremost, to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ; and secondly, to equip our members (and others) with the necessary tools to properly study and understand the word of God.   

    Our New Members' Class "Journey" also falls under G.I.B.S.