Pastor Lee MCCluster

Pastor Lee McCluster serves as a Pastor Teacher and Elder of Biblical Education at Grace Community Church, shepherding alongside Senior Pastor Teacher Vincent E. Jordan.  Pastor McCluster also has a full-time job at Citibank in Tampa, Florida.

Pastor McCluster received his early ministerial training at Southside Tabernacle Baptist Church’s Southside Institute of Biblical Studies and Men’s Institute, under the tutelage of Dr. Lewis C. Lampley. Having previously served as Sunday School Director at Southside Tabernacle Baptist Church, Pastor McCluster’s ministerial service also included extensive teaching experience in Southside Tabernacle’s Sunday School and Men’s Institute.

Since being ordained as an Elder at Grace Community Church, Pastor McCluster has been (and is) committed to the exegetical study and proclamation of God’s Word – studying Scripture from its historical, grammatical, cultural, and geographical point-of-view. Pastor McCluster strives to expositionally disseminate God’s Word to God’s people so that God’s people can understand clearly the truth of Scripture.

Pastor McCluster is a Pinellas County native; he and his wife, Cynthia, have seven children and four grandchildren.

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