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Note From

   Pastor Jordan   


Worship Team, please remember that practice is not rehearsal. Please practice at home where you can fix your mistakes if you make them. Go over the songs at home. That is, listen to them repeatedly while paying very close attention to whatever part of the songs that you’re singing. Listen for the chorus, the bridge, timing, etc. 

Do your best to memorize the lyrics, practice expressions that go along with different parts of the songs (Look at yourself in the mirror!). And most importantly, always remember to pray to the Holy Spirit that He would lead you into worshiping Christ our Lord as you have been given to lead others into worshipping Him! All these things must be done at home until you get it right so that you are now prepared to come to rehearsal. 

Please practice repeatedly at home so that you don’t come to rehearsal unprepared… 



This is a time where “prepared” worship team members come together to go over together songs that you have gone over repeatedly at home. It’s a time of blending a “one praise team voice” unto the Lord Jesus Christ with the hope that the Holy Spirt will allow us to usher the church into worship unto our Lord Jesus Christ as well. All worship team members will be required to remain after church for a 30-minute rehearsal for the upcoming Sunday. This so we can give our best at worship leading unto Christ our Lord.                                     

Song Selections